Keep your pool safe and healthy

Practicing our slogan ‘We get you moving’ is complicated these days due to the CoViD-19 pandemic. Everywhere in the world governments, organisations and families are fighting the virus.

We want to emphasize that our policies and procedures are aligned with the guidelines provided by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the World Health Organisation.

At the moment EWAC Medical has taken all necessary precautions to keep employees safe. Therefore employees who are able to work from home, are doing so. Despite these measures, EWAC Medical will maintain it’s high quality service to our valued customers and partners as usual. We understand that this is an extremely uncertain period for all of us and communication and cooperation is essential.

Taking into account that the safety and health of the therapists and patients is our first priority, we find it extremely important to stress the importance of hygiene. It is safe to say that if your pool is equipped with an EWAC Medical water treatment system, and if this system is well maintained and Chlorine levels as well as pH are measured and checked on a daily basis using the right equipment, this will prevent any bacteria or virus outbreak. When you are in doubt, please contact our service department. We are happy to help.

As a measure of safe precaution, you could consider raising the Chlorine level in the pool somewhat. We set this level to 0,8 mg/l normally and raising this value to 1,2 mg/l might help to feel more comfortable, even though a level of 0,8 mg/l will adequately kill bacteria and viruses.

If you decide to close the pool until further notice, mind the following tips:

First consider whether you want to or keep the water in the pool (1) or empty the pool all together (2).

Keeping the water in the pool
-1 Please mind that while the water is in the pool the water treatment system has to be kept running.
-2 To safe electricity, the water heating can be switched off.
-3 Chlorine and pH dosing will have to continue as long as the water is in the pool. Keep in mind that still the Chlorine and pH levels have to be checked regularly, at least once a week.
-4 Circulation has to continue, but can be reduced (for instance if you have two pumps, one can be switched off)
-5 Backwash the filter once every month
-6 Maintain the air treatment in the pool room

Emptying the pool all together
-1 First backwash the filter! This sounds quite counterintuitive. But mind that there is contamination in the filter which first has to be removed. Any organic material caught in the filtration sand will cause the filter sand to coagulate, which basically means the filter sand could turn into a concrete kind of material with no filtration capacity all together. Backwashing the filter takes away as much of the organic materials as possible, reducing this risk as much a possible.

-2 Turn off heating and chemical dosing
-3 Empty the pool into the drain using the circulation system. Make sure that the pump(s) do not run dry. This will damage the seals.
-4 Use the pool drain connection to remove the last bit of water out of the pool.
-5 Do not turn off the air treatment in the pool room before the pool is absolutely dry.

If you need any consultation to for your pool management questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EWAC Medical wishes you and your families to remain healthy and safe!


Warm regards,


The EWAC Medical team

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