What we do

EWAC has 3 core activities who work together as a whole.

EWAC Medical is a global supplier of systems for water based rehabilitation, or hydrotherapy. The employees of EWAC Medical support our clients from the first design stages of a rehabilitation center up to the commissioning and service and maintenance. Rehabilitation in water offers huge advantages compared to other forms of rehabilitation. The innovative strength of EWAC enabled EWAC Medical to develop a few unique products, as can be seen on the EWAC Medical website. EWAC Medical is global market leader and has more than 1,000 projects below its belt.

EWAC Industrial is supplier of specialized parts up to completely integrated systems for industrial applications. EWAC Industrial supplies essential components for the production of isotopes for nuclear medicine and essential parts needed for research and development in the chemical and petrochemical sector. In most cases this is about the application of materials that are subjected to high pressures and temperatures, which puts strict demands on the design, materials and welding. EWAC industrial also supplies completely integrated systems, such as hot cells for handling radioactive materials and high adjustment systems used in clean room environments. EWAC Industrial has an impressive track record in specialized projects, which can be viewed on the EWAC Industrial website.

EWAC Marine supplies completely integrated subsystems for the Super Yacht market. Human imagination is unlimited, especially the imagination of Super Yacht owners. Because EWAC has lots of experience with pool building, water treatment, water hydraulics and movable floors, we have equipped a few 86 m Super Yachts with a  movable floor in the swimming pool on the rear deck. Because of this floor, the rear deck does not only serve as a relaxation area, but also as a helicopter landing platform. On the EWAC Marine website, you can see more examples of our recent projects.

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