Icebat India 2017

November 9th 2017 – November 12th 2017

4th International Conference On Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy

Conferences are the best events to meet the experts & to become experts. It provides a wide platform to improve our horizon of critical thinking. New ideas, new people to meet, catching up with known colleagues, discussion of various therapeutic interventions, loosening up from work and to have a relaxed time travelling are some great benefits a conference can bring to our otherwise hectic life.

The conference in India is timed at a point where the concept is at the threshold to break  all barriers and grow in an aggressive manner. A decade back there have been some attempts by well intended therapists to make the concept sustain, but it took team work and collective therapeutic approaches to make it penetrate and accessible at multiple levels from educating therapists, patient awareness and developing infrastructure. A conference at this juncture in India will provide a great opportunity for all of us to interact and be a part of this growth not only in India but also such countries where aquatic therapy is in its infancy. It will allow the well established aquatic therapy centers across the globe to showcase their work and set a great example for others to follow.

The previous three conferences addressed Aquatic therapy in ways that would relate with clinical application. With the growth of the concept and the conferences receiving a good response from many countries, the choice of theme “flowing into newer dimensions” was just around the corner to brought into light. The idea of looking at pain and its variation in water immersion, looking at muscle performance in water immersion, play based activities for pediatric population, understanding pool management &new standards/protocols that are used, neurological changes in cognitive functioning are some areas the conference will be addressing. The present conference in India is organized by Aquatic therapy network of India constituting of practicing aquatic therapists from different parts of India. There will be an attempt made during this period to develop academic partnerships with health care academic institutions, universities and organizations to bring about awareness of the concept.

This is a great opportunity for oral & poster presentations for all practicing aquatic therapist as wells as other aquatic body workers. Expect a good critical discussion and resolution of some problems you may face in your practice and take with you some new techniques and thought process that will be useful in finding unique solutions to some complicated issues. We hope you will find the fourth conference on evidence based aquatic therapy enriching your already well nourished repertoire of professional skills. We are eager to welcome you and ensure that you have an enriching experience during the conference.

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